Research Talent

ADSC has rapidly grown to achieve a research staff size commensurable with the project research objectives. Our researchers and staff come from all over the world, which further assists in broadening and diversifying the pipeline for highly trained IT workers

ADSC is a pipeline bringing world-class research talent to Singapore

  • Our technical staff hails from over 15 countries and 43 universities
  • 19 staff PRs; 8 applied for PR
  • 4 ADSC engineers and PhDs have moved on to positions at A*STAR
  • 8 researchers have moved on to industry positions

Graduate student development

  • AUIP: 3 students have graduated and are working within A*STAR / 3 students are currently enrolled
  • SINGA: 2 students have graduated / 8 students are currently enrolled
  • Additionally, many engineers have entered graduate programs in Singapore, the US or internationally

Researcher Career Growth

  • 6 researchers have gone onto faculty positions at Singapore universities
  • 9 researchers have gone onto faculty positions at international universities