ADSC Web Security

As cities and their critical infrastructures become smarter and more reliant on information technology, cybersecurity and trust will become hot-button issues. Can a threat actor shut-down power or cripple a railway system? Why should organizations entrust their data or critical processes to a shared IT systems or networks in a smart city? Many public infrastructure systems consist of both cyber and physical elements, which are often geographically disbursed and remotely monitored. Those characteristics, along with the long life span and presence of legacy devices and systems makes it challenging to simply apply technologies or practices from the information security domain.

We focus on securing the networks and control systems present in critical infrastructure systems, with a particular emphasis on model-based system analysis, wireless communication, sensing technologies, and attack detection/mitigation.


CREATE Programme Projects:

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  • Authentication Core, UIUC: David Nicol, Zbigniew Kalbarcyzk; SUTD: Jianying Zhou, Aditya Mathur
  • Authentication Trust Technology, UIUC: Deming Chen, David Nicol; SUTD: Jianying Zhou
  • Standards for interaction of COTS devices with TSCP , UIUC: Zbigniew Kalbarczyk, Bill Sanders; SUTD: Hock Beng Lim
  • TSCP System Verification, UIUC: Grigore Rosu, Bill Sanders; SUTD: SUN Jun
  • Data Analytics and Alert Response, UIUC: Marianne Winslett, Ravi Iyer; SUTD: Aditya Mathur, David Yau

ADSC Projects: